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Here at GermanPointers.Net quality not quantity is not a sales pitch it is my lifestyle, we strive for quality standards not only in selecting the best hunting GSPs, but in the care and maintenance of our dogs throughout their lives and in the raising of our puppies. We breed one or two litters per year to preserve the quality and integrity of each litter and in consideration of our dogs. Well bred German Shorthair Pointers is not a one quality rules all proposition, it is a combination of qualities and traits that make our dogs the desired hunting and family companions. Believe me when I say, that deciding when to breed is a true voyage, from the date of choosing a breeding pair to the day you pick up your new GSP. We put great care into each litter we produce, and you can take heart in the fact that we put as much attention, love and care into the pups we breed as if we were going to be raising them all through their lives. We do this to give all new puppy owners a head start in the journey of raising their new family member. Our German Shorthaired Pointers live with us, so not only do they need to be hard hitting hunting dogs, they need to be outstanding house dogs as well, meaning it is important to us that our dogs know when to shut off the field dog in them and turn on the loving companions we expect. I just want to thank you for visiting GermanPointers.Net and we look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions feel free to email me anytime.

                            Thank You,

                                           Antonio G Filipponi

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