Super practicable nylon dog harnesses - Leather spiked and studded dog harnesses, dog harnesses for many
Leather and nylon small dog harnesses - Large dog harnesses for tracking, pulling, training and daily
American Pitbull collars of top notch materials - Nylon dog collars, spiked dog collars,
leather dog collars.
Soft, strong genuine leather dog leashes - Anti-chewing metal chain dog leashes by Herm Sprenger, nylon dog leashes.

Studded leather dog collars - Wide variety of nylon harnesses and leashes for training and walking.

Training dog harnesses of nylon and leather - Safe dog muzzles, decorated dog collars.

Pinch dog collars for effective training - Chain dog collars, as well as chain dog leashes.

Kimberly Vaca

Family and Pet Photography


Monrovia, California


Our first choice in hunting dog supplies:

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