Monrovia, California


Red X Baby Pedigree

GPN Prince Alabi's Rock Solid Cooper X Prince Stienfelds Little Hanna Girl MH

Litter #3

Due to whelp: June 4, 2016


Red X Patch Pedigree
Cooper X Hanna Pedigree

QuailQuest Shameless Elvis X GPN's Bella Arya

Litter #4

Due to whelp: December 2016


Colors possible are Solid Liver and Liver and White Patched and Ticked



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Cooper X Scooter Pedigree

Hanna is an outstanding bird dog and all that I am hoping to keep in my breedings. She was trained and campaigned by Stienfeld GSP and is owned by Brian S. Hanna got her Master Hunter Title at a year old, and is almost done with her Advanced Master Hunter.  She was bred to Cooper on April 2nd and is due to whelp June 4th. Cooper is an awesome wild bird dog, he has had hundreds of birds shot over him and loves his job more than anything. This pairing will produce a great hunting and competition dog. We will be only selling 3-4 puppies out of this litter and keeping and training the rest for future sales as started dogs. 

Both dogs hunt upland and do water retrieving work. 

Colors possible are Liver Roan and Liver and White Patched and Ticked


Red & Baby Litter Page

GPN Prince Alabi's Rock Solid Cooper X America's Patch Ladeau

Litter #2:

Due to whelp: May 16th, 2016

GPN Prince Alabi's Rock Solid Cooper X GPN Scooters Ticked 

Litter #1:

Whelped: April, 14th 2016 

These are the litters that we are expecting this year and next, We put much thought into our breedings to produce the best all around hunting German Shorthaired Pointer. All of our dogs are hunted all season and work on planted birds throughout the year. We breed for temperament, trainability and outstanding looks.

"Life is too short to hunt behind an ugly dog!"

*Pairs are subject to change without notice. reserves the right to keep any puppy or deny sales for any reason.

**$200.00 deposit holds your pick. It is not uncommon for litters to be spoken for well before birth. 

***Colors are not guaranteed, you should be picking based on a abilities and temperament, not the color!

Planned Litters

Gsp Puppies For Sale