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I am Antonio Filipponi Owner at GPN Gundogs. We are a small, family run, quality German Shorthaired Pointer breeder and pointing dog trainer, but more importantly, I am an avid hunter and above all my dogs are HUNTING dogs. My main concern is producing a bird dog that has a WOW factor when you put them on the ground. I want a GSP that has the abilities and structure to hunt all day with minimal fatigue. My goal is to produce a GSP that fits breed standard, can hunt with minimal training and trial/test if desired. Our dogs have tight feet, high heads, high tails, perfect bites, and nice top lines.. All vital for proper function as an upland hunting dog!

We have built our breeding program around GPN's Bella Arya, Quailquest Shameless Elvis, GPN Filipponi's Cooper & GPN's Scooter's Ticked. We are at our 3rd generation and have been reproducing their qualities consistently. Check them out on our page and be sure to ask about our line breeding. Our program is built on it. 

Thank you for considering us for your next hunting/family companion.