VC No-Mars Enzo von Ludwigstein MH

Rusty's Blue Earth Rexx NGSPA HOF

FC Dixieland Rusty HOF

Jigs White Smoke

FC Uodibar Bossman

Showtime's Rollin' Thunder

Heide's Mighty Slicker

FC Tell

LB's OHI Shameless

Tonelli's Rising Sun

FC Sporty V Rip Traf

FC Uodibar Koonas HOF

FC Rawhide's Clown HOF

   FC HoF Von Thalberg's Fritz II

DC Hillhaven's Hustler HOF

Desert Jig Stop, Owned by Sam Markarian

CALL or TEXT 818-795-8023 

FC KJs Hightailin Saddle HOF

Essers Chick

FC Dixieland Luke

Important German Shorthaired Pointers of The Past

These are all influential dogs and bitches in our dogs pedigrees & breed, understanding the past and the history of the breed helps us create a dog that is better. Every litter is an improvement ever so slight but we aim for an improvement every time. You can click on the photos below to see these dogs pedigrees, birth date and other information. We do not own these pictures and if you do and would like them removed just let me know. Most these dogs are in your 7 Generation pedigree if you have bought a puppy from GPN GunDogs!

Winnjammer's Pride

Pj Wildfire

  FC HoF Greif v Hundsheimerkogel