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F2- Available

F3- Available

F4- Available

NGDC GFC FC AFC Riden High Rudy

Owned by: Ray Nelson


GPN's Bella Arya

Litter will be owned and bred by Antonio Filipponi

What is included in purchase price:

1. 2 sets of shots (6 weeks & 8 weeks)

2. 2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8-week dewormings

3. Tails Docked 50%  and Dewclaws  Removed - Non-Negotiable

4. 24-month (hip/elbow/vWD/Cardiac/Hunting Ability) guarantee - outlined in the contract

5. A puppy with fantastic socialization and much care and attention put into making sure you receive a puppy with the skills to handle life and his/her job in the field. This, however, does NOT mean you do not have to continue socialization when your new puppy goes home.

6. If you are unable to keep the puppy/dog throughout the life of the animal he/she may return to us at any time for any reason, also outlined in the sales contract. 

7. Support from your breeder, I am only a phone call away for training related questions and any other issues that may crop up.


2020 Breeding!

Click on the dogs photo for pedigree, spots are reserved with deposits. Confirmation of pregnancy has happened.

Puppies are going to be fantastic and will be awesome Quail, Chukar and Pheasant dogs!

Deposits are paid via Square at the link below, the picking order is based on the time the deposit received and my discretion at the time of picking. Also please specify where you would like a male or female. In the event that the pregnancy is not successful, you will have the option of a deposit refund or wait until the next heat cycle. Please research the breed and be ready to answer questions as to why you are looking at buying a shorthair. I want to see my puppies succeed in life and they have to have the right owner to do that. We recommend getting together with a professional trainer for a gun dog program. Training yourself can be fun and rewarding but it can also be a failure to you and the dog. I have seen lots of puppies ruined for too much pressure too young. Discounts to those who will commit to field trialing their puppy. 

These are the litters that we are expecting this year, We put much thought into our breedings to produce the best all-around hunting German Shorthaired Pointer. All of our dogs are hunted on wild birds all season and worked on planted birds throughout the year. Our main goal is to breed GSP's who are wild bird dogs! We breed for natural hunting ability, temperament, trainability and outstanding looks. If you are interested in one of our puppies please fill out the puppy application and I will let you know what we have available. When Calling on a litter please use the parents names

to help identify. 

ALL PUPPIES ARE American Kennel Club REGISTERABLE and come with their AKC application.

*$300.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit holds your pick. 

Deposit is only refundable if not enough of desired sex is produced. 

*It is not uncommon for litters to be spoken for well before birth. 

*Colors are not guaranteed, you should be picking based on abilities and temperament, not the color!

*Pairs are subject to change without notice.

GPN GunDogs reserves the right to keep any puppy or deny sales for any reason at any time. 

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