Cooper is by far my all time favorite dog, he is the grandparent or father to many puppies that I have produced he is not perfect but definitely all I ever dreamed of in a bird dog. Cooper will spend his retirement with me for the rest of his ​day's quail, chukar and pheasant hunting. Cooper has produced NAVHDA NA Prize dogs, JH, CGC, and a few FT pointed dogs. 

GPN Retirees


We brought Brandie in as a fully trained female and she has been awesome since day one. I was able to breed her once successfully producing 6 beautiful puppies. She was bred again in early 2018 and lost her litter nearly not making it herself. We are blessed that she was saved but saddened by the loss of the puppies that would have added considerably to our program. Brandie is now spayed and will stay on our hunting string until she is fully retired but now no longer needs to worry about puppies. 

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