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GPN's Emmas Frosty Lucinda  - "Lucy"

DOB: 05/06/2017

NFC FC Jett to the Moon


NGDC GFC FC Dunfur's Emma Frost 

We were lucky enough to buy Lucy from her breeder Clint Matthews, she comes from a long line of champions and more importantly to me wild bird dogs. She has run in  Field Trials in 2017/18 season and has her puppy points. Hopefully, she continues to do well. We are happy with her progress currently and looking forward to some more fun with her. She has an awesome nose from what I have seen the few times I have handled her and a huge range.

Milo(we are helping re-home him for his family)
NOT TRAINED FOR HUNTING, BUT MAYBE TRAINABLE ​Milo is a neutered male GSP with all the common temperaments and characteristics they have.  He needs a lot of attention, exercise with a purpose, affection, and consistent expectations.  He is very loving and would prefer to lay next to his person rather than on a dog bed.  Milo fetches well and really loves soft frisbees. Milo does well inside or out during the day, uses a doggy door, and is crate trained.  He has lived with an older dog and cat, but tends to be a bit bossy when socialized with other animals.  He loves them all, they just sometimes have to put him in his place.

Trained GSPs

GPN Prince's Luke of Arms
Luke is a proud German Shorthaired Pointer, high head high tail is his motto. Stats:
  • 65 lbs LVR & WHT PTCHD & TKD
  • DOB: 09/30/2011
  • Well started, gun broke, kennel trained, loads up, points, Started Level I.
GPN Iezza's Chase That Tail 
Chase is a wonderful started male that will make someone a very productive hunting dog. He has plenty of energy to hunt day and night, NOT for the novice hunter he is for an experienced handler. Stats:
  • 60 lbs LVR & WHT PTCH & TKD
  • DOB: 12/16/2012
  • Well started, gun broke, kennel trained, loads up, points, Started Level II.